Artist, writer, photographer, publicist, scientist, businessman ... This is what I do in my life. And for me all these activities are not only a way to make money for living or just forms to express myself. The real engine behind everything I do is a passion of exploration. I hope that it helps me in business, photography and other areas of my interest, because as result I see things from different angles and perspectives, not only from one side. This is probably why I express my vision and understanding of outside world in different ways - sometimes taking pictures with highlighting the beauty of nature and mystery of human soul, sometimes writing articles and essays with sharing my thoughts and believes, sometimes in more practical and less amusing manner as a business strategy :).
For your consideration :: some ideas, views and art works on this site are controversial because of unconventional approach that was used for making conclusions and graphic expression. Please keep in mind that this is only the invitation to discuss tricky topics and attempt to look differently on familiar things.
Vladimir Ribinin

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